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TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION is presenting a series of short films relating to the Sustainable Development Goals. Each 26 minute broadcast will cover a different issue, contextualising broader socio-economic issues and the need for such interventions.

TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION is a multimedia initiative employing a co-creation process that uses Regency’s unique journalistic & cinematic style to craft fresh and authentic stories in various formats for both internal and external use. This narrative-based approach has been proven to build both internal and external relations that are beneficial in attracting and retaining the right talent; strengthening marketing relationships; and deepening the emotional connection of the viewing audience to the parties concerned.

Designed to promote and encourage the adoption of the ‘inclusive business’ model as a component of corporate growth strategy globally, the TV series demonstrates how this approach can make a contribution towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are intended, first and foremost, to help humanity and the planet. But they can be good for business: first, because helping to build the infrastructure is an enormous business opportunity; and second, because, once it is built, business will find larger, eager markets in place.

Inclusive business models are helping companies turn underserved populations into dynamic consumer markets and diverse new sources of supply. In the process, companies are developing product, service, and business model innovations that have the potential to tip the scales of competitive advantage in more established markets.

Inclusive business is providing clean water, electrical power, modern communications, health care, education, financial services, and income-generating opportunities to millions of people at levels of quality and affordability they have never experienced before.

The first season of Time For Global Action premiered on Bloomberg during October 2016 to April 2017, with an audience reach of 1,462,192,000. Since then it has been aired on a further 34 networks globally bringing the total audience reach to 1,872,622,138. Click here for a full list of our Broadcast Networks Partners, the regions covered and the audience reach.


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