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In this colourful film, we step into the shoes of a tourist exploring beautiful Thailand. Our guide is a local entrepreneur, Nadia Putkham, who takes us on a trip down Bangkok’s famous canals.

It’s not surprising that tourism is one of the key drivers of the Thai economy – it has around 30 million visitors a year, 20 million of which are brought by Thai Airways. Charamporn Jotikasthira, the company’s president, celebrates the positive effect that the airline, with the support of Citi, has had on the Thai people and their economy.

We explore the trickle-down effect of these arriving tourists through our journey with Nadia, who has a healthy network of talented entrepreneurs along the canal. From the comfort of Nadia’s canal boat we sample the best noodles in Bangkok bought from a floating market, sit in silent contemplation with robed monks in a holy temple, watch a stunning puppet show and visit a local orchid farm, whilst understanding the way in which Thai entrepreneurs work together in a generous and creative way.